Amazon Must-have Products Part 1

Amazon products shown in the video: Glass Jar w Gold Lid –


Stackable Organizer –

Tupperware Organizer –

White & Gold Jewellery Organizer –

Pen Organizer –

Tiered Spice Rack –

Fancy Ashtray –

Bio Oil –

Indian Healing Clay –

Tula Primer –

Mask Applicator –

Tetyana Scar Cream –

Retinol Cream (Not Available) – (Alternative, my fav – )

Puck Lights –

Slippers –

Gold Laptop Stand –

H Blanket – No link

Monogram Necklace –

Facial Steamer –

Marble Bento –

50 Scrunchie –

Fabric Shaver –

Starbucks Syrups –

Plant Decals –

Sunglasses Stand –

Twinkle Lights –

Tapestry –

Earring and Necklace Holder –

A bit about Amazon

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in July 1994, choosing Seattle because of technical talent as Microsoft is located there.  Mackenzie Scott played a big role in the founding of Amazon and drove across the country with Jeff to start it. After Scott graduated, she applied to work for D. E. Shaw & Co., a quantitative hedge fund in New York City, as a research associate to “pay the bills while working on her novels”.  She was interviewed by Jeff Bezos, who was then a vice-president at the firm. The interview was her first meeting with him.

In May 1997, Amazon went public. It began selling music and videos in 1998, at which time it began operations internationally by acquiring online sellers of books in United Kingdom and Germany. The following year, Amazon began selling items including video games, consumer electronics, home improvement items, software, games, and toys.

In 2002, Amazon launched Amazon Web Services (AWS), which provided data on website popularity, Internet traffic patterns and other statistics for marketers and developers. In 2006, Amazon grew its AWS portfolio when Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), which rents computer processing power as well as Simple Storage Service (S3), that rents data storage via the Internet, were made available. That same year, Amazon started Fulfillment by Amazon which managed the inventory of individuals and small companies selling their belongings through the company internet site. In 2012, Amazon bought Kiva Systems to automate its inventory-management business, purchasing Whole Foods Market supermarket chain five years later in 2017.

On February 2, 2021, Amazon announced that Jeff Bezos would be stepping down as CEO and transition to Executive Chair of Amazon’s board in Q3 of 2021. Andy Jassy, who is currently CEO of AWS, will succeed Bezos as CEO of the company.

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