Cute Animals 25

Cute Animals 25

In this video cute baby squirrels reacting to the person and cuddling up in his hand eventually. The video is 1:34 minutes long.

Cutest Animals 23

Cutest Animals 23

In this video there are a number of different cute animals and baby animals. The video is 5:22 minutes long.

Cute Animals 17

Cute Animals 17

If you are looking for a video of cute cats then this video is for you. The video is 55 seconds long.

Cute Animals 15

Cute funny animals 15

If you are looking for a video with cute funny animals then this video is for you. I love the part where the little kittens are riding in the truck.

Funny Cute Animals12

Cute animals 12

This is a video blog about cute funny animals mostly pets. It is 4:07 minutes long. But worth the watch.



This is a short but interesting video about Meerkats. I learnt somethings I did not know.



Footloose is a 1984 American musical drama film. It tells the story of Ren McCormack, a teenager from Chicago who moves to a small town, he attempts to overturn the ban on dancing.

Elvis 2022c

Elvis Film 2022

Elvis is an upcoming biographical musical film directed by Baz Luhrmann, who co-wrote the screenplay with Sam Bromell, Craig Pearce, and Jeremy Doner, from a story conceived by Luhrmann and Doner.

Ed Sheeran - Shivers

Ed Sheeran – Shivers

"Shivers" is a song by English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, "Shivers" entered atop the charts in the United Kingdom & Ireland, dethroning Sheeran's single "Bad Habits"

Andrew Foy

Andrew Foy Guitar Player

Andrew Foy is a young man who plays fingerstyle on his guitar. He plays beautifully and is worth listening too. He has a large following on YouTube.


Basic Cat Training Tips

In today's video, we are going to talk about Basic Cat Training Tips, litter box training, furniture scratching, behaviour training and cat scratching post.


Beautiful Animals 1a

A video of a snake, bears, crocodile, elephants, squirrel, duck, monkeys, bird, cheetahs, anteater, seal, buck, owl, giraffe. Plus info on black bear.


Amazing Animals 1b

In the video on my blog, there are zebras, monkeys, a fox, elephants, a dog, horses and jellyfish. There is also some information on Zebras.

Hair Fails 1

Hair Fails 1

This blog has a video of hair fails. It is about people messing up their hair. There is also some information on hairstyles through time.


Amazing Animals 1 a

In this video of amazing animals, there is a deer, a kitten, a peacock, lions, a goose, turtles, ducks, a squirrel, fish, a monkey, a seal, beavers & more.

Baby Sloths 2

Cute Baby Sloths

This is a compilation of the FUNNIEST and CUTEST sloth videos. Sloths are named after the capital sin of sloth because they seem slow and lazy at first glance, but they really are slow compared to other animals.

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