Fingers hurt from playing the guitar. Try this!

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So many learning guitarists press down far too hard to make their chord shapes or when playing anything. Some students call it ‘Gorilla Grip’. This exercise demonstrates how little you can press down with the right finger positioning, which should make everything so much easier!



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Types of Guitars:

Classical (Nylon String Acoustic)

Classical guitars are also known as nylon-string acoustic guitars due to the fact they use nylon strings.

The way to tell if a guitar is a classical guitar is to take a close look at the guitar strings.  As you might expect, this type of guitar is the main choice with classical music. Outside of classical music, classical guitars are used in a range of styles including folk, Flamenco, pop, jazz.

Steel-String Acoustic

Steel-string acoustic guitars have a brighter tone when compared to classical guitars.

This brighter tone makes them the popular choice for styles of music including folk, country, blues, pop, rock, bluegrass, and others.


An ‘electro-acoustic’ guitar or an ‘acoustic-electric’ is simply an acoustic guitar that you can plug into an amplifier or a mixing board.

You could argue that you can play more styles of music on an electro-acoustic guitar compared to a regular acoustic guitar.

Being able to plug your acoustic guitar into an amp means you can add effects and set up different tones that are normally impossible to play with an acoustic.

Hollowbody & Semi-Hollow

Hollowbody and semi-hollow guitars (also known as semi-acoustic) are electric guitars with a hollowed-out body.

Hollowbody guitars were the rage in the 30s-50s and semi-hollow guitars were popular right after that as amplifiers became available to guitarists.

Old blues, jazz, early rock-n-roll, rockabilly, and similar styles all commonly use semi-hollow guitars.


Electric guitars have been used in pretty much all styles of music at some point. They’re the go-to option in countless styles of music such as rock, metal, blues, punk, and more. It’s hard to imagine a heavy metal or rock band not using electric guitars.

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