The Stokes Twins, Who Can Do The Most Dares

How old are the stroke twins?

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Alex and Alan Stokes are identical twins and are born on November 23, 1996. Alan Stokes is reportedly only younger to Alex by two minutes. Their current age in the year 2020 is 23 years, they’re half-caucasian and half-Chinese ethnically.

What happened to one of the stroke twins?

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A famous YouTuber is speaking out about how he nearly died after his appendix ruptured. Alex Stokes, one half of the Stokes Twins duo, had been feeling extreme discomfort in recent days. … Alex ended up going to the hospital, where doctors found fluid in his pelvis and told him his appendix had burst.

The brothers are of Caucasian and Chinese descent. They were born in China on November 23, 1996 and raised there before moving to Tennessee, USA. They currently live in California. In February 2019, Alex Stokes had emergency surgery after his appendix burst.

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