Vic and Aubrey Dancing and Vic Dancing

My Humps – Vik

Play that Funky Music – Vik x Konkrete

Take on Me – Vik

Night Fever

Red or Blue??? – Vik and Aubrey

Eminem is Stayin Alive – Vik x Aubrey

Vik White

Tik tok : itzslavik (4.7M)

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Instagram @itsslavik

Vik White ( Slavik Pustovoytov) and Aubrey Fisher like the normal things, hanging around at each other’s houses, cracking jokes, sharing clothes.  The two are almost the exact same size shoes and all.

They always have the latest street style look from their favourite brands.  They have appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show and she gave them short-sleeve hoodies.  They like to go to the gym and hang with friends, but dancing is the most important thing in their lives.

Vic believes he has to constantly evolve and get better at what he does.  It is very important to him.  Vic and Aubrey are mostly self-taught and they were on different path before they started dancing together.  Aubrey tried to connect with Vic through Instagram DMs but Vic never responded.  They did eventually connect through mutual friends and one reply from Vik lead to them working together.  Their media platform took off from there.  They first took off on Instagram and then on Tik Tok.  They have millions of followers now.

After watching them perform on Hollywood Boulevard or Santa Monica, it’s hard to imagine these two guys as anything but dancers. However, their journeys to fame are quite unique.

They are very impressive dancing on Hollywood Boulevard and Santa Monica.  Vic was born in Ukraine and later moved to Oklahoma when he was 12.  Dance was not very important in his birth town and so he did what he needed to do to get to the West Coast.  After high school he moved to Las Vegas and started training and competing in dance battles.  There he met people in the industry.  He came fourth in So You Think You Can Dance.  When he started to put video up on Instagram he started to get a lot of attention from all over the world.

Aubrey and vic dance wonderfully together.  Complimenting each other.  They often come up with about 3 dances a day.  The dances take about an hour to choreograph.  After practising the dances for a number of times they record them when they are good enough.  It was a lot harder before and they have gotten a lot better at coming up with the moves.

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